Heavenly Dragon Fire

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Daylily description

The daylily Heavenly Dragon Fire was hybridized by Gossard in 2004. Heavenly Dragon Fire was hybridized by crossing (Blazing Lamp Sticks × Primal Scream). The color of Heavenly Dragon Fire can be described as orange red self above green throat. It is a Tetraploid. It has a Unusual FormCrispate form. It has a bud count of 17. It blooms in (Midseason). It's flowers measure (7.5 in, (19 cm)). It has 4 branches. It has a normal scape height of (45 in, (114 cm)).

Daylily data

Color:orange red self above green throat
Parentage:(Blazing Lamp Sticks × Primal Scream)
Form:Unusual FormCrispate
Bud Count:17
Bloom Size:7.5 in, (19 cm)
Bloom Season:Midseason
Scape Height:45 in, (114 cm)
Foliage Type:Dormant
Seedling #:BLSPS#2