Lavender Blue Baby

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Daylily description

The daylily Lavender Blue Baby was hybridized by Carpenter-J. in 1996. The color of Lavender Blue Baby can be described as lavender blue with lavender blue eyezone and green throat. It is a Diploid. It blooms in (Early-Midseason,Rebloom). It's flowers measure (5.5 in, (14 cm) ). It has a normal scape height of (28 in, (71 cm) ). It is Fragrant.

Daylily data

Color:lavender blue with lavender blue eyezone and green throat
Bloom Size:5.5 in, (14 cm)
Bloom Season:Early-Midseason,Rebloom
Scape Height:28 in, (71 cm)
Foliage Type:Dormant
Seedling #:JC-93-BES

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